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A Pentagram of Photographs: How to Choose Musician Images in Orchestra Marketing

Market research tells us that concert audiences connect and identify with orchestra musicians, guest artists and conductors. So selecting and cropping photos professionally for ads and brochures sells tickets. Here are five considerations to apply when reviewing musician images. What … Continue reading

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An Element of Marketing Strategy: What Not to Do

In the last 24 hours I’ve talked to one mid-sized orchestra which just cut four positions. Another has only a part-time marketer. Meanwhile marketers are bombarded with “shoulds” from the board, president, audience members, fellow marketers, vendors and friends. We … Continue reading

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Ten Great Marketer-Musicians

I assembled a list of ten musicians who market themselves beautifully. I realized in the process how this became a list of great musicians regardless of marketing. The Gustavo Dudamel / Los Angeles Philharmonic / Walt Disney Concert Hall / … Continue reading

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DCM’s Phil Miller Reinvents the Phone

When I sat down with Phil Miller a few days ago I expected to talk about the future of the telephone in orchestra marketing. Phil is President of DCM, which provides telemarketing, telefundraising and inbound sales services to orchestras, theaters, … Continue reading

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Forty Years Ago We Marketed Webern

Forty years ago the Cincinnati Symphony and Decca Records marketed Webern’s Passacaglia, Mennin’s Canto, William Schuman’s Tripych and the Dallapiccola Variations as orchestral showpieces. And the orchestra performed them as showpieces, too, with that most mainstream of conductors, Max Rudolf. … Continue reading

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When Orchestras Emulate Madoff

Every year one or two orchestras make news by closing their doors. They cancel the rest of the season. There’s no money for creditors. Tickets for future concerts become worthless. It’s rare that it’s an orderly process. May that never … Continue reading

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How the Orchestra Marketer Can Choose Target Segments

We can integrate consumer marketing and orchestra marketing language with a unified view of market segments. That puts us in position to select target segments and to allocate resources to marketing tasks. How Does It All Fit Together? When I … Continue reading

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It’s the Music, Stupid!

Follow the music. That’s a guidepost for us orchestra marketers, for musicians and for orchestra administrators. It cannot be, follow the revenue. Audiences already follow the music. They listen to that music which has meaning to them. Last night I … Continue reading

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