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How Orchestra Marketers Can Reduce Agency Costs

Since the 2008 crash virtually every orchestra has reduced its marketing expenses by cutting back advertising, mailings or people. Sadly, that also cuts sales. But there are other ways to save. You can reduce your agency’s time and billings through … Continue reading

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What the Dalai Lama Can Teach Orchestras About Direct Mail

The Dalai Lama wrote me. He called me a dear friend. The Classic Direct Mail Package His letter is part of a classic direct mail package without a brochure on behalf of the International Campaign for Tibet. It turns out … Continue reading

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Traditional Marketing Never Existed. Long Live Innovation

Today I heard a panel of three industry experts discuss the future of interactive marketing.* At that event several audience questions compared interactive marketing to traditional marketing. The traditional marketing they defined lives only in a Second Life. It lives … Continue reading

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How Steve Cook Grew Dallas Symphony’s Sales to an All-Time High–in 2009

In 2009 the Dallas Symphony Orchestra’s ticket revenue hit $11 million, eclipsing its previous all-time high of 2008. Over the four years of Steve Cook’s work there as Chief Marketing and Entertainment Officer total sales increased by 33%. Classical single … Continue reading

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Three Social Media Lessons from “Groundswell” for Orchestra Marketers

A few days ago I finished reading Charlene Li’s and Josh Bernoff’s terrific Groundswell: Winning in a World Transformed by Social Technologies, published by Harvard Business Press in 2008. That’s old by social media standards, isn’t it? Yet Groundswell’s insights remain … Continue reading

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