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The Third Reason Orchestra Marketing Is Difficult: Multiple Work Styles

In previous posts I identified two¬† ways in which orchestra marketing is unusually challenging. First, the discipline involves a wide range of functions. Second, the job demands managing a year-long subscription campaign at the same time it requires numerous in-and-out … Continue reading

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Charlene Li’s Upcoming “Open Leadership” Can Teach Orchestras How to Manage Social Media

Charlene Li sent me an advance copy of Open Leadership: How Social Technology Can Transform the Way You Lead, to be released May 24. Thank you, Charlene. In 2008 Li co-authored Groundswell, which illustrates the nature and power of the … Continue reading

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Reason 2 That Orchestra Marketing Is So Difficult: Dual Periodicity

Orchestra marketing demands two sets of complex skills related to the marketing cycle. We manage a series of seasonal promotions. And we manage an annual campaign. Simultaneously. In-and-Out Promotions Think of the seasonal aisles in your local drug store. At … Continue reading

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Reason 1 of 3 That Orchestra Marketing Is So Difficult

When I entered orchestra marketing I thought turning sales results upward would be easy. After all, I’d succeeded over many years in many businesses. And in that work and in my schooling I’d benefited from wonderful mentors. Surely the practice … Continue reading

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