Tom Holm of Enertex Tells How to Grow Your Audience

It’s always a challenge to bring in new single ticket buyers, isn’t it? Let alone broaden your subscription base.

Extend Your Reach

Your house list is your best source for audiences. And trades with other arts organizations can supplement that list. Are there other ways to boost your mail campaign? I asked Tom Holm, Vice President of Enertex Marketing, who managed my lists for many years.

Even though your own customer list might be large enough to achieve your direct-mail quantity objective, it is very risky not to market to fresh blood as part of each direct mail campaign. Orchestras and other arts organizations around the country are reaching out to new audiences from sources such as the following:

Obtaining lists from such national non-profits as Sierra Club, National Trust for Historic Preservation, and Nature Conservancy—obviously names only within your market.

Finally, nationwide music lists.  These examples range from members of BMG CD Club with a classical music interest, to the Metropolitan 
Opera, to the New York Philharmonic, again only selecting names within your market.

Direct marketing to people who have seen Broadway shows in New York City.   This is most helpful in marketing Pops events and of 
course Broadway shows or concerts with Broadway artists.

Tom Holm

Probably the most popular list to use for marketing would be home delivery subscribers to the New York Times.   This list is easily obtainable for your marketing.

Organizations also like to also focus on women’s publications and catalogs as women still tend to be the decision-maker when it comes to arts purchases.  Publications and catalogs such as Martha Stewart Living, Vogue, Architectural Digest, Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman are illustrative examples.

Marketing by mail and telemarketing to targeted demographics.   An example of hot targets for orchestras these days are households where there are adults present 50 years and older, they have no children at home, and have college degrees.   You can mail and call these prospects.
These names are quite inexpensive to obtain.

It’s not a problem finding new audiences to market to; the challenge is to spend money wisely and to obtain the best possible prospects.  That’s our specialty.

Enertex can provide further information including counts and pricing on all of the lists above and others of interest to you. You can reach Tom at (212) 532-1610 or

Your Experience?

How have rented or purchased lists worked for you? What other methods have you used to increase your list of prospects?

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