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Better Than Talk from the Stage: Silence

Today musicians frequently talk from the stage. Don’t you wish they’d get to the music? Last weekend I heard a voice recital with superb music—and superb silence. I always expect great music-making from accompanist Keith Weber, the conductor-organist-harpsicordist-coach-and-yes-pianist who is … Continue reading

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20 Orchestral Orgasms

Updated count: 32 (see comments below) Beatles producer George Martin famously called the gigantic crescendo of the Lennon-McCartney song “A Day in the Life” an orchestral orgasm. Last month Rolling Stone named it #1 of the top 10 Beatles songs. … Continue reading

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Social Technology Is Show and Tell for Adults

Sometimes simple insights best light the way. How Social Media Are Like Show and Tell You remember when you were six, don’t you? The most compelling part of the school day consisted of bringing an item before the class and … Continue reading

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Why I Market Classical Music

Sure, there are easier things to do. I’ve marketed candy, cigars, nuts, lighters, gasoline, travel and education. All were easier. But music can change lives. It has thrilled mine. Music carries deep, otherwise-inexpressible meaning. 35,000 years ago our species was … Continue reading

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