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Working In Concert Trumps Collaboration

Arts management mavens are always touting the benefits of collaboration among performing arts groups. And foundations love to reward grants to those good citizens who collaborate. Often, though, collaboration is skin deep or limited to marketing alone. A dance group … Continue reading

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Facebook Ads and You: Targeted Advertising for a Fraction of the Cost

This post was written by Jordan Witherspoon, Marketing Director of Mercury Baroque in Houston. What if for only a few hundred dollars you could create an ad that would be seen by a million people and clicked on by hundreds? … Continue reading

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How to Merchandise Tickets on Your Website

Music Is Like Candy I spent my early years in marketing in candy: Brach, Andes, Toblerone, Cote d’Or, Milka and Suchard. One of the great things about candy is that buyers consume it immediately. So you can sell them more … Continue reading

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