Facebook Ads and You: Targeted Advertising for a Fraction of the Cost

This post was written by Jordan Witherspoon, Marketing Director of Mercury Baroque in Houston.

What if for only a few hundred dollars you could create an ad that would be seen by a million people and clicked on by hundreds? What if your ad campaign could give you detailed demographic information about your responders such as age and sex? Let’s forget the hypothetical and talk about how. If your organization isn’t advertising on Facebook you could be missing out on a powerful, inexpensive marketing tool.


Creating a Facebook ad is a very simple process that begins with a URL you want to link to, the title of your ad and a short body of copy. An eye-catching image goes a long way toward getting your ad noticed and encouraging clicks. I’ve used shots of our elegantly dressed female violinists with much success.


The most powerful benefit of advertising through Facebook is the ability to specifically target your ad. Three darts at the center of the bulls-eye.You start with the obvious, targeting to a specific geographic area or city, age range or even sex. Next you target specific likes, hobbies and interests. Be creative and think outside of the box for keywords to target. Pay close attention to the estimated reach that Facebook automatically calculates when you enter in new keywords. One word could mean the difference of tens of thousands of people. For example, the keywords “Symphony” and “Orchestra” have a nearly 100,000 person difference in reach.


By setting your daily spending budget and monitoring and controlling your cost-per-click bid, Facebook allows you remarkable financial control over your campaign. A lower cost-per-click bit will save you money, but will surely mean your ad gets fewer impressions. I’ve had the best luck staying competitive within the upper 1/3rd of Facebook’s suggested bid range. Throughout your campaign you can monitor the suggested bid range and update your bid accordingly. Prices change as other advertisers come and go. All sorts of analytics and reports are available during and after your campaign to track its success and help improve your targeting in future campaigns.

Impressions, clicks, bids and all other numbers aside, Facebook has done wonders for our advertising. It’s been a great tool for awareness of our organization, our performances and has helped us draw a younger crowd to our concerts. Give it a shot for your next campaign and share your thoughts about its effectiveness below.

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