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How to Cut—and When to Add—Orchestra Marketing Dollars

The Danger of Across-the-Board Cuts Over the last two years virtually all orchestras have cut spending to balance the budget. In many cases they’ve used across-the-board reductions. This can have the negative effect of further reducing ticket revenues by more … Continue reading

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A Map of Social Media for Orchestras

I’ve put together a diagram of the social technology landscape designed with orchestras in mind. If you work at an orchestra or other performing arts group, leave your name and address below and I’ll send you a poster free of … Continue reading

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Why Everything’s Fine in Classical Music. Including the Pain.

[This was originally posted at the League of American Orchestra’s microsite, R/Evolution, before the June 2010 League Conference in Atlanta] Everything’s Fine Everything’s fine in classical music. Let’s celebrate today’s terrific musicians, the best ever. Professional music-making isn’t a cushioned … Continue reading

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The Third Reason Orchestra Marketing Is Difficult: Multiple Work Styles

In previous posts I identified two  ways in which orchestra marketing is unusually challenging. First, the discipline involves a wide range of functions. Second, the job demands managing a year-long subscription campaign at the same time it requires numerous in-and-out … Continue reading

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Ten Great Marketer-Musicians

I assembled a list of ten musicians who market themselves beautifully. I realized in the process how this became a list of great musicians regardless of marketing. The Gustavo Dudamel / Los Angeles Philharmonic / Walt Disney Concert Hall / … Continue reading

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Forty Years Ago We Marketed Webern

Forty years ago the Cincinnati Symphony and Decca Records marketed Webern’s Passacaglia, Mennin’s Canto, William Schuman’s Tripych and the Dallapiccola Variations as orchestral showpieces. And the orchestra performed them as showpieces, too, with that most mainstream of conductors, Max Rudolf. … Continue reading

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